Hazmat Live

Back In Love / Stanky Panky

Image of Hazmat Live - Back In Love / Stanky Panky
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Papaya Records

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BRAND NEW (!!) boogie from DETROIT!! Haz Mat is an ambassador of the Detroit vibe in all its diversity. With a musical knowledge going way beyond electronic music, the artist is blending different influences within his musical creativity to bring a new spirit in house music. His electric improv approach allows him to reinvent himself continuously and his live performances are garnering him critical acclaim from the Detroit and international techno communities.

This record on burgeoning label Papaya sees him pay tribute to the classic electro-funk / boogie sound of Michigan. So authentic is the sound you'll be forgiven to think these are long long holy grails of the genre (which, by the way, the label are also repressing this week just to keep you further on your toes!). For boogie & soul collectors seeking new material, Papaya Records could be the brightest dot on your radar right now - do not sleep!! 


Matt says: The other Papaya 7" from Detroit this week focusses on the multitalented skills of Hazmat Live. Turning his hand to authentic boogie-disco, these two tracks should confuse the most ardent collectors of the scene as they frantically check discogs for its original release. This is the OG right here baby - 2022!


A. Back In Love
B. Stanky Panky

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