Levon Vincent

Concrete Jungle EP

Image of Levon Vincent - Concrete Jungle EP
Record Label
Novel Sound

About this item

More tracks from the inimitable NJ producer. Best one for ages in my opinion. Two cutting edge, fiery hot club weapons that'll whip the floor into a salivating frenzy.

As is often the case, two variations on one theme. Side A has more going on in the mid to high registers - a rattling synth line, woodblocks, splashy hats etc. Side B concentrates on testing the frequency response and bass capabilities of your sub woofer; a poised and classy exercise in late nite dub / tech voodoo.

Stripped back, powerful body tracks with a club-focused arrangement and heavy pressing. DJs U need this!!


Matt says: Strobe-lit warehouse throbbers from the NJ staple. Best one for ages in my opinion. Two nice variations on one devilish theme.


A. Concrete Jungle
B. Concrete Jungle

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