June Chikuma

The Midas Touch

Image of June Chikuma - The Midas Touch
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

Star Creature return with a tasty 12" from June Chikuma. It's a welcome divergence from the granted, high quality stream of bedroom boogie and modern funk usually dished out by the label; seeing as it treads a kind of esoteric-balearica / vapourwave-jazz swagger. A new-age soundtrack to a Martian poolside sit-com; its quirky vintage instrumentation (featuring keyboards and synths you presumed well discontinued) seeking to impose a fragrant and relaxed, albeit slightly surreal warmth onto the listener. Perfect for sun lounging in a sweltery midday sun; this is music to lap away the worries, cares and anxieties of the current reality. A suspended dream state free of any tension and drama whatsoever and one where the mind can wander through technicoloured beams of sonic indulgence.

Highly recommended! 


Side 1
1. Alpine Plant
2. Back In My Arms
3. Midas Touch
Side 2
1. Still Life
2. Le Train
3. Something Is Technically Wrong

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