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Cloud Vibes

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Star Creature

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New Star Creature LP from Oakland's E. Live. Big Cali sunshine throughout; pumpin' with galvanized slap, gilded Strat, golden keys and pulsing pads; we're cruisin' down Shore Line Drive for an evening on Alameda Beach and the whole crew's invited! Meandering through power boogie, modern funk and city pop, E. Live stands alone as a unique figure on the modern funk scene; draped in West Coast flavour and swaggering with smooth style.

The double album features a host of instrumental and vocal tracks; and is one of the strongest collections of new boogie we've heard for while. Reminds us a little of when we first heard Dam Funk but with a much more expanded instrumental palette and some really advanced groove constructions which drift into jazz-funk complexity in places (check "Friday Night Flight!"). A sterling effort no Star Creature fan will want to miss in their collections... Limited copies!


Side 1
1. You Got Me
2. Slapadelic
3. City Girl
Side 2
1. I Feel It
2. Mood Swing
3. Wise Up (feat Devaun Bantu) 
Side 3
1. Stranger Dayz
2. Float On
3. Last Dance
Side 4
1. Friday Night Flight 
2. Cadillac Breeze 
3. Traffic Jam 
4. Mount Up

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