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Nature Walk

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Dimensions Recordings

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New York's Marcos Cabral steps up for his first full release on Dimensions Recordings, with the Nature Walk EP. Following on from his epic Prochainement masterpiece on Dimensions 002, the EP provides a glimpse into the mind of a well-established and hugely respected artist.

Nature Walk is a broad EP that demonstrates just why Marcos's records have been finding their way into a multitude of DJs' bags for the last fifteen years. From his work with Jacques Renault as Runaway, and his coveted Hamilton Dance Records output to his more recent deeper and darker leanings for leading labels such as Clone, L.I.E.S. and Mule Musiq,

Marcos has quietly and studiously worked at developing an impressive catalogue which most folks who have brushed with house and techno will have heard…whether they know it or not.

The EP provides a snapshot of some of the tastes and styles that Marcos has experimented with over the years, the rolling, energetic and optimistic sounding, not quite house, not quite techno of Wishful gives way to the brooding, dub techno of title track, Nature Walk. Cape Cod sees Marcos in classic, house mode with a cut that could easily have dropped on NYC's Nu Groove Records, whereas Rice A Roni is a no nonsense nugget of twisted, grinding, acid. The EP rounds off with Let's See How The Light Goes Through It, a spacey hypnotic workout for the late hours and a fitting end to a stand out EP from the self proclaimed, Hardest Working Man!


Matt says: Another debut release from the Dimensions camp - the taste defining festival-cum-global brand. Offering up an entire 12" to New York's Marcus Cabral for a fuggy n thick, THC-laden deep house jaunt that has the Dimension's mark of quality throughout.


1. Wishful
2. Nature Walk
3. Cape Cod
4. Rice A Roni
5. Let's See How The Light Goes Through It

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