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Age Of The Ego (Remixes)

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Affirming their status as dedicated tastemakers, Crazy P call on some of their favourite producers, and deliver 12 immaculate remixes of their beloved 2019 album, ‘Age Of The Ego’ A cosmic, vibe heavy, and eclectic journey through low-slung, groovy balearic, big room disco, deep house, lo-fi, and beyond with artists Crazy P have admired, and friends encountered along the way.

Gerd Janson’s 80’s italo-esque remix of ‘We Will F**k You Up’ kicks things off full throttle as a debut digital single on June 8th. Other focal tracks come from Medlar ft Dele Sosimi who provide a hip-swinging rendition of 'The Witness’. Hot Toddy (Crazy P’s Chris Todd) ups the ante for the dancefloor on ‘Love is With You’ whilst retaining the lushness and the sentiment of the original, and other Crazy P co-founder James Baron aka Ron Basejam delivers a disco stomping four to the floor rendition of ‘Is This All That It Seems’. Another stand out contribution comes from the late Soulphiction who sadly passed between submitting his remix and its release. His bass-heavy take on 'Barefooted' is a roller-boogie funk jam, heavy on the bass on congas, guaranteed to make you shimmy.

Crazy P - “The very sadly missed Soulphiction. We’ve been huge fans of his work over the years and it’s an honor to have a truly authentic remix from him”

‘Age Of The Ego’ is a very dear album to Crazy P. “We poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this baby, so we were keen to get the remix package right with the help of some very talented producers! DJ Nature, a king of the underground, injects a whole new boldness into ‘SOS’ with a kick drum that launches you into space. Mancunian/Salfordian collective See Thru Hands infuse a fresh, deep durgy rock disco sound. Ilija Rudman has an inimitable style, the simplicity of his remix is key to its beauty. We knew James Welsh would give us some toughness and he certainly delivered with aplomb on ‘This Fire’. Something Sanctified’s analog drenched house productions we’ve loved over the years, and the duo have stripped this mix right back, the vocoder bit on the end is well worth the wait!”

The appetite for Crazy P’s supremely fun and exquisite live and DJ performances is still high, continuing to leave their mark on the landscape of British dance music with a relentless tour schedule in 2022, laying down Age Of The Ego’s original material and remixes all summer.


Matt says: Manchester's finest disco outfit are remixed by a hand-picked selection of talent for a three disc spectacular which delves into recent album "Age Of The Ego". They seem to go from strength to strength, reinforced by a charismatic and unstoppable live show. With the band in the background, a who's who of modern electronic music man the controls with, thankfully, quite dazzling results.


A1: We Will F**k You Up (Gerd Janson Remix)
A2: The Witness (Medlar Remix Feat. Dele Sosimi)
B1: This Fire (James Welsh Remix)
B2: This Fire (See Thru Hands Remix)
C1: Love Is With You (Hot Toddy Remix)
C2: Barefooted (Soulphiction's Roller Skating Mix)
D1: Is This All It Seems? (Ron Basejam Remix)
D2: SOS (Somethin' Sanctified Remix)
E1: SOS (DJ Nature Remix)
E2: Night Rain (Ilija Rudman's Higher Ground Mix)
F1: We Will F**k You Up (Gerd Janson's Vocoder Remix)
F2: Is This All It Seems? (Ron Basejam Instrumental Mix)

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