DJ Backspace


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Altered Sense

About this item

Skilled and intricate breakbeat manipulations are crossed with dreamy braindance, emotive electronica and dancefloor glitch on this highly desirable EP from DJ Backspace. Seemingly as adapt at ripping apart an amen break as he is constructing a sonic tapestry of endless beauty; the four tracks outstand and confound with their advanced construction and mellifluous sound design.

RIYL: RX-101, AFX, Radioactive Man, Squarepusher, Brainwaltzera etc.

Limited copies! 


Matt says: Everyone knows I love a bit o braindance. Reminds me of playing F-Zero X and various other 16-bit racing games. In leu of the RX-101 record (next week pop pickers..), this ingenious and cheeky little belter of a 12" from DJ Backspace. Playful (somehow naïve), post-free-party fun for when everyone's in their own xtc bubble and life seems to make perfect sense.


Concrete Cell
Habitat 67

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