Stealing Sheep

Wow Machine

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Both Sides Records

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Wow Machine is a special commission album inspired by electronic music’s female pioneers that takes a deep dive into the realms of electronics, sampling, splicing , looping and reversing.

This conceptual work takes the listener on a journey through serene feels, doomy landscapes, feminist sci-fi themes and robotic vocals with a contrasting mixture of analogue studio setups and modern software synths. The Sheep fluctuate between ambient flows and techno flavours in celebration of unsung women in music using the sinister sound-effects made by Delia Derbyshire during her time at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Due to the method's they have used to compose the music, the album is entirely self-produced, creating a visceral style with automatic and instinctive movements. The music features leitmotifs akin to 70’s TV themes, with eerie hooks reminiscent of Japanese dystopian Anime ‘Akira’ and the band site Delia Derbyshire, Laurie Anderson, Daphne Oram and Suzanne Ciani as key influences, as well as modern electronic pioneers SOPHIE and Planning to Rock.

The album will be released on Both Sides Records as a special commission. Both Sides Records is a new label, which grew out of the work of the Manchester based charity, Brighter Sound and their innovative Both Sides Now programme, a ground-breaking gender equality initiative. Both Sides records continue to create opportunities for women and marginalised genders and celebrate music coming out of the North of England.

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