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NCA frontman Brassfoot releases his first, eagerly anticipated full length project. ‘SWEAT’. NCA 005 delivers 9 volatile club tracks, perfectly curated for peak-time DJ sets, or sweat inducing gym sessions alike. Brilliantly singular & highly rhythmic, landing somewhere between the industrial slow-gabba /  orc music perveyed by the Belgium based PRRR! PRRR!, Detroit sludge and tape fried experiments of fellow NTS visionaries Tom Boogizm & FUMU. It growling distortion the ever-continuring trademark throughout the LP. Showcasing his signature sound, Brassfoot opens another chapter of this ever-growing NCA story. 


A1. Ceremonial Glass
A2. Tiers Not Tears (Dub Splash)
B1. Our Business
B2. Coveted Codes (CSS)
C1. Deep Water Carriers
C2. Soylent Bread & Water
C3. Off Dat FFFFF
D1. Radiac Meter
D2. Hellnet Uprise (E-Day)

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