Red Astaire

Nuggets For The Needy Instrumentals

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House Of Godis

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Beat smith Red Astaire (AKA Freddie Cruger) returns with some crucial instrumental cuts from the three volumes of the "Nuggets For The Needy" series. The supremely talented sample-smith throws a whole manner of vinyl-dug deepness into the pot: Latin, salsa, funk, soul, bop jazz.. you name it; all underpinned by one of his his many trademark boom-bap beats and a plethora of organic percussion licks.

Practically inviting anyone with a penchant for wordplay to get busy with some bars, if you're looking for super tasty instrumentals to construct your next beat tape out of - look no further! Scratch deejays also get plenty to cut and juggle with here, might be worth bagging two copies! 


Matt says: A really nice, full-bodied, instrumental beats album. Intricate and well-formed, it stands alone wonderfully; but add a rapper and a turntablist and these cuts will really explode in a live context.


Side 1
1. Move Yo Ass (3:01)
2. Its Going Down(3:28)
3. The Wildstyle (4:31)
Side 2
1. Follow Me (3:36)
2. The Gong (4:05)
3. We Only Bs (3:52)
Side 3
1. Come Down (4:49)
2. Hazlo Correcto (3:30)
3. U Know How We Do (2:25)
Side 4
1. B-boy (3:34)
2. Ghetto Hell (4:13)
3. Cop That Red (3:27)

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