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Body & Soul - The Disco Experience

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S-Tone Inc. is back with a full rework of his previous full-length "Body & Soul", a homage to the late '70s / early '80s disco music that the artist used to immerse in during those adventurous years. Early '90s British acid jazz, '70s soul, Brazilian and jazz music are here reworked in a nu-disco key, with the exception of the downbeat tracks "Flying Away" and "Midnight Sun" and the 'spacey' "Odoya", rearranged by The Invisible Session without mining the overall mood of this release.


1. Body And Soul (Remix)
2. Pra Voce (Extended Remix) [feat. Toco]
3. In The Name Of Love (Extended Remix) [feat. Laura Fedele]
4. Blow My Mind (Remix) [feat. Afra Kane]
5. Flying Away (Remix) [feat. Afra Kane]
6. Rosa Da Ribeira (Extended Remix) [feat. Toco]
7. (Got To) Move On [Remix] [feat. Afra Kane]
8. No Meio Do Samba (Remix) [feat. Toco]
9. Odoya (The Invisible Session Remix) [feat. Toco]
10. Midnight Sun (Remix)

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