The Tropical Combo

Jungle Fever

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French label Aldente presents their new, tropical soul single. A collaboration between Jazzamar from the Brazilian electronic jazz troupe Nu Tropic, associated with French beatmaker Lord Funk under the name Tropical Combo.

The A side track "Jungle Fever" marches like an elephant blustering through the rainforest. Somehow quirky, classy, cinematic and funky all at once; you feel this could make an amazing soundtrack to a scene in a modern rework of King Kong or Tarzan. The suave vocal hook, 'jungle fever' the only utterances needed in between the expressive bongo, flute, upbright bass and drum conversation. This is a phenomenally strong slice of funk!

The B side "Incredible Bongo Flute" is an uptempo track as a tribute to the classic "Apache" with hot bongos and conga patterns, peppery stuttered flute licks and a breakbeat so tight it'll probably feed another three generations of DnB & hip-hop producers. Equally at home pleasing B-boys, soul heads, funky dancers and louche jazzers nodding away; this is an unmissable 7" of new tropical soul. 


Side 1
1. Jungle Fever (feat Jazzamar) (4:00)
Side 2
1.Incredible Bongo Flute (2:45)

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