Niklas Wandt

I Wandt To Believe

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Animals Dancing

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Twisted & percussive club brilliance with a kosmiche slant from Düsseldorf’s Niklas Wandt on the amazing Animals Dancing. Four tracks that take on cosmic house, new beat hypnotism, tribal piano breakdown madness & a wavey vocoded synth workout make up the EP for the Australian imprint’s first release of the year.

Undeniably sounding fresh, with an upfront palette designed for club rigs, it's a club / party record make no mistake; but refuses to tread the obvious and over-explored in favour of something a little bit more leftfield and unusual. There isn't an urgency to push the tempos either, making this one of those deliciously engrossing, late nite record you can get truly lost in. Recommended. 


Matt says: The Melbourne label proffer up a nicely varied four tracker from Niklas Wandt. Catering to all the flavours of the holiday house dancefloor expect enthralling drug chug and tops off hedonism that's perfect for festival season.


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I Wandt To Believe
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