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Bakk Heia

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Incredible new record from the now well established local firm - Bakk Heia. Fans of the label / clubnight should be well acquainted with the rosters' star, Jorg Kuning; whose exquisitely fizzy technoid party vibes have wigged us out on two out of the label's four previous outings.

His third record could be his most brilliantly phlegmy and scuzzy record to date; four lysergic squelchers that bend and squirl with nuff tryptamine enhancements. There's an almost regimental stomp to opener, "Simmons"; which also contains an assortment of Kuning's now trademark percussion and synth squiggles. "Transplant" melds distorted perx in contrasting time signatures into a tribal bounce that'll invert yer melon whilst making you trip up over your own two feet. Finding the groove might be tricky on this one folks - but maximum reward is granted when you do!

Flip and "Dripgroove" is most likely to be my staple go-to in the clubs. Those concentric, trippy grooves embellishing another tour de force of sound design as Kuning conducts highly combustible chemical reactions between all his various sonic elements - resulting in an kinda alien chatter that'd make Jeff Mills blush and most probably engage your nearest mainframe / A.I device into some spiritual conversation. "Bodyscan" concludes with a more stuttered, percussive take on the conversation; a morse-code / sonar bleep symphony which, when the rich chords and dreamy sequence converge takes you off into 5-dimensional realms of enhanced pleasure.

Unmissable record from an unmissable label. Jorg Kuning smashes it outta the park again. Eat this up at the crew’s late nite parties and you'll feel like phosphorus. 


Matt says: Manchester club night turned record label Bakk Heia never disappoint, and Jorg Kuning adds to their faultless score sheet here with four more mainframe fizzlers from his electrified mind. Every release so far unmissable.


1.Simmons 07:02
2.Transplant 08:05
3.Dripgroove 07:03
4.Bodyscan 08:0

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