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Everybody Is Somebody

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About this item

Red Snapper's most potent album since Prince Blimey, ‘Everybody Is Somebody’ is a glorious and heady take on the band’s pioneering alternative, trip hip and nu-jazz infused sound… This might just be the best Red Snapper ever!

Red Snapper have produced a gorgeous, eclectic collection of tracks that carry their signature and always-captivating sound into a new realm.

‘Everybody Is Somebody’ is pressed on super limited ‘Heart of Glass’ clear vinyl in an incredible custom laser cut sleeve designed by Non Format and inspired by Motif of the Arecibo SETI deep space satellite of the 70s. Sleeved in heavyweight super matt card with intricate laser cut geometric piercings that allow a glimpse of the full colour inner bag bearing the void of inner space.

Recorded over the past 3 years with ace engineer Shuta Shinoda in Hackney, East London, the album captures brilliantly the live intensity of the band whilst adding studio subtleties that make for a deep and rewarding listen.

Red Snapper are best known for their unique sound, and their passionate live performances where they embrace dark funk, hip-hop, dub, afro-jazz, psychedelic surf, and beautiful, fragile soundscapes.


A1. The Warp And The Weft
A2. Tarzan
A3. Equals’
A4. Resist, Exist
A5. ‘Tremble’
B1. Alberts Day Off
B2. Black Sea
B3. Travis Bickle
B4. Truth1
B5. Detach

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