Robocobra Quartet

Living Isn't Easy

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Genre-defying new album from Northern Ireland collective fusing the edgy angst of Black Flag and the leftfield muse of jazz improvisation.

Improvisation and experimentation is at the core of Robocobra Quartet's DNA almost intentionally at odds with their roots as a post-punk band. Including members with no musical training alongside European music conservatoire innovators, the resulting is a groove-driven but cerebral blast, invoking the likes of Fugazi, Talking Heads and contemporaries such as Squid and Black Country, New Road. The eclectic free nature of their live shows allows them to channel-hop from moments of joy and playfulness to periods of intense fury, creating a unique sound that has earned them invitations to Montreux Jazz Festival, Latitude and as far out as the Inversia Festival in the polar north of Russia.

 Toying with modern post-internet realism for a new generation, grasping at all that was cool in Beatnik jazz and throwing it against the post punk axiom.


1 - Flew Close (4:19)
2 - Wellness (3:04)
3 - Labyrinth (4:24)
4 - Heaven (6:45)
5 - Micro Person (4:55)
6 - Chromo Sud (9:17)
7 - Plant (The Succulent Blues) (4:20)
8 - Kilmore Close (4:21)
9 - Night (4:36)

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