Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni

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Invisible Inc

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Following hot on the heels of his recent mini-album for Elephant Gait, Italian producer Joseph Tagliabue is back with a full-length album on Glasgow's Invisible, Inc.

With “Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” Tagliabue continues to expand on the cosmic foundations laid by such pioneering experimental forefathers as Franco Battiato and his ground-breaking abstract ambient work of the '70s and Klaus Schultze whose legendary Innovative Communications label birthed the Berlin School sound at the start of the '80s, then tracing a path toward later luminaries like Boards of Canada and Plaid. There's a personal, emotive and ethereal quality also present here conjuring feelings of 4AD's glory years and the likes of This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance. However, backwards-looking music this is not. It's fair to say the Milan-based producer is developing his very own distinct sound as he matures from one release to the next and regardless of his wide range of influences, it's Tagliabue's firm grasp of sound design and audio engineering that takes this album far beyond the realm of just electronica or psychedelia and plants it firmly into a distinctly forward-looking contemporary space of its very own that's as much music for the heart as it is music for the head.

Tagliabue provides some insight: ‘“Un' Altra Forma Di Vibrazioni” (meaning ‘another form of vibration in Italian’) is a concept album inspired by one of the most sensational scientific discoveries of recent years, namely evidence of the existence of the Cosmic Web. The album is comprised of ten tracks, each linked to one another, much like the various forms of matter in the cosmic web, and whose meaning can only be understood by listening to them as a collective whole, rather than as separate pieces of music. The album therefore is a well constructed sonic experience fusing elements of ambient, psych, rock, experimental and trance and is designed to be listened to continuously from start to finish; the album's journey through the universal elements is reflected in each track, whose rhythms resonate in harmony with the phenomena they represent, whilst a backdrop of drones and mesmeric grooves contribute to an atmosphere of otherworldly mechanical oneirism.’


A1. Materia Visible
A2. Materia Oscura
A3. Galassie Lontane
A4. Gas E Polveri
B1. Energia Radiante
B2. Vuoti Giganti
B3. Velocita Orbitale
B4. Forza Gravitazionale
B5. Filamenti Cosmici 

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