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Spirit Beats

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Fine Line Records

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Combining machine-like accuracy with jazz-influenced improvisational sensibilities, Richard Spaven's drumming has landed him gigs with vastly varied artists such as Flying Lotus, José James and Mala, as well as recent recordings with Jordan Rakei, Alfa Mist and Sandunes. Unveiling his forthcoming EP 'Spirit Beats', Spaven's musical talent is further demonstrated beyond his world-class performance abilities, weaving his incredible technical skills into unique textured productions and powerful compositions.

First single 'Hoodie Beats' begins amidst instant urgency. Atmospheric in mood, whilst relentless with its accuracy, sub-bass locking into place with tight drums for a euphoric dance floor drop. Second single 'Nova' sees a continuation of the collaboration between Spaven and Jordan Rakei. Soul and substance abound. Jordan delivers a delicate performance over the captivating harmony. Spaven says 'this is a crazy beat to play. If you want to get technical - call it micro timing. If you don't - just call it hip hop'. 'Icarus '88' brings a MC Barney Artist into the mix. Barney flows effortlessly over the micro shifted groove as the tale unfolds. - synonymous with previous Spaven records, this ancestral drum beat of 'Spirit Beat' soundtracks the sonic journey through this spiritual piece the harmony takes form, carrying the listener to higher ground.


Millie says: Had the joy of listening to this all the way through in the shop, it gave me Gogo Penguin vibes in parts, I urge you to listen to the entire track online.. 'Nova' with Jordan Rakei is a natural transition to soulful R&B to Icarus '88 (feat. Barney Artist) for a slice of Hip Hop. It has it all.


1. Hoodie Beats
2. Nova (feat. Jordan Rakei)
3. Icarus '88 (feat. Barney Artist)
4. Spirit Beat

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