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Opening The Door

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Mood Hut

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Seven years since releasing two back to back dancefloor hits, Jack J returns to the airwaves with this amazing LP on Mood Hut Records. Laid back, sun drizzled house music was the previous inclination; and here Jack seems to continue to the mood, featuring his own vocals against a backdrop of vintage synth swells, organic 4/4 drums and sumptuous bass guitar licks. It's still wrapped in that 4:20 stoned glow as we get Balearic (read: Vancouver Riviera) flavours washing up against the Pacific coastline.

There's a playfulness, a sincerity, and yet a naivety which sees J's emotions painted firmly across the record. The interplay between Rhodes, vox and synthesized elements his unique calling card and one that's executed with such an effortless calm - you just can't help but be sucked in by this guy's music! Well worth the wait! 


Matt says: Seven years after those two, genre-defining 12"s, Vancouver Riviera OG Jack J returns with his debut LP. Already huge with Ryan Horsebeach and Pasta Paul we reckon this'll blow up big.


A1. If You Don’t Know Why
A2. Opening The Door
A3. The Only Way
A4. Only You Know Why
B1. Clues (Part I)
B2. Clues (Part II)
B3. I Saw Fire
B4. Closing The Door

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