Chet Baker

Chet Baker & Crew - 2022 Reissue

Image of Chet Baker - Chet Baker & Crew - 2022 Reissue
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Waxtime In Color

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"This may well be Baker's best LP so far. He plays throughout with more virility than often heretofore; his tone is fuller with a cheering diminution of wispiness, and, withal, he has been able to retain the lyricism that is his primary identification." (Nat Hentoff) CHET BAKER, trumpet (vocals on last track), PHIL URSO, tenor sax; BOBBY TIMMONS, piano; JIMMY BOND, bass; PETER LITTMAN, drums; BILL LOUGHBROUGH, chromatic tympani (first track only). Forum Theatre, Los Angeles, July 1956. Produced by Richard Bock


To Mickey's Memory
Slightly Above Moderate
Something For Liza
Lucius Lu
Worrying The Life Out Of Me
Medium Rock
Line For Lyons

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