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Mediteranean Dreams

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International Feel

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Perugia producer, synth collector and rising star of the current Adriatic / Med scene, Feel Fly pokes his head above the sand dunes to deliver a consummate four track EP for tastemaking holiday house label International Feel.

"Onironauta" rolls up all the best bits of spaced-out disco and Italo house into an expansive dancefloor soundtrack that would sound equally at home in a Den Haag squat as by an Ibizan hillside pool. Sounding in turns both futuristic and nostalgic, it sets the tone for the dream-like timezone in which this EP resides.

Meanwhile slowed-down 303 chugger "Grace In Space" sounds perfect for Room 2 - that is, if the room is on an orbiting space station and someone adjusted the gravity settings. The track concludes the side with timeless Balearic drift and a dash of kosmiche Afro percussion sprinkled on top.

Flip the 12” over and the title track "Mediterranean Dreams" seeps through, with more than a slight nod to the Summer of ‘88, like a faded photograph. The revolving chord progression and melodic synth phrases that weave through the groove fit together sweeter than the cogs in a Swiss watch.

EP closer “Becalmed" rounds proceedings out in fine cosmic disco style, firing more 16th note lasers through the dry ice than KITT, as melancholic pads float over the rhythm section like a negligee. It’s a stylish way to sign off a collection of tracks that are equal parts fond memory, hopeful optimism, and hazy dance-fueled hedonism. Big tip on this one folks! 


Matt says: Instantly causing Pasta Paul to check his holiday allowance, there's few labels that can transport you into the throws of Summer vacation excess as quickly as International Feel. "Mediterranean Dreams" should have you checking skyscanner by the end its rotation.


Side 1
1. Onironauta (6:52)
2. Grace In Space (5:44)
Side 2
1. Mediterranean Dreams (6:41)
2. Becalmed (5:59)

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