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The Worst Edits Vol 1

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Members Only

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The triumphant return of one of the best underground edit series we've ever had in the shop! Jamal Moss' cult Members Only returns! Culled from 20 year old VHS tapes restored using a baking method, these edits are real deal Chi-town badness with artistic psychedelic filtering of proto house & disco.

Amongst this volume are holographic traces of Black Gold's "C'mon Stop' - a shimmering and bold slice of Prelude electro-boogie churned up with extra horns and other artefacts here by Jamal; a twisted percussion track; and air-raid siren guided take on Dan Hartman's "Relight My Fire" and concluding, with crazed slice of wigged out, loopy electro-disco with extra Franky Goes To Holiday chants and whoops.

The natural predecessor to Ron Hardy & Adonis - there's none that touch him at this shit!



Matt says: My no. 1 Chicagoan, tape edits extraordinaire and quite frankly one of the most beautifully eccentric and talented characters in our scene returns with him infamous and cult collected Members Only series. Unmissable for those that dig that OG Ron Hardy Muzic Box vibe.



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