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A lot has been said and repeated about the interiority of this club music - how the joyful tremor of the “Raingurl” refrain holds hands with such soft and doubtful verses. How special it is that house music so of New York can contain storytelling cultivated so far away.

That repetition is born of people all over the world going out, and staying in, with this music as a compass; songs that define so many late night hangs for crews of friends, singalongs in DJ booths, contemplative 5am walks home from the club.

What can get lost in that repetition, in the shifting canonization of these recordings as symbols of any one scene or moment, is what was behind the pair of round glasses reflecting so tirelessly outwards. Yaeji, an exceptional friend only at the very beginning of finding her path as a cross-disciplinary artist and collaborator.

Yaeji wrote this music while going out nearly every night of the week to DJ and support her own NYC community of friends at their turns behind the decks. These tracks originated from explorations in dancefloor anonymity, growing from seeds planted by sharing her first musical experiments online. 


Matt says: SOPHIE's legacy continues to influence new producers from around the world. Here Yaeji combines PC music, booty bass, Baltimore club and expressive sound design into a cohesive pop-friendly package that glows with the right now. Synthesized vox add that benzo-rap flavour whilst murky organs, detuned bass and jacking beats nod to that original deep house vibe. Well good.


SIDE A: “Yeaji”
01 – Noonside
02 – New York 93
03 – Feel It Out
04 – Guap
05 – Full Of It

01– Feelings Change
02 – Raingurl
03 – Drink I’m Sippin On
04 – After That
05 - Passionfruit 

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