Jerry Blacksheer


Image of Jerry Blacksheer - Defected
Record Label
Athens Of The North

About this item

Once an unattainable record that went for insane amounts of money, but Athens of the North are the saviors once again and bring this incredible soul track back to life. Truly a belter that deserves a space in every record collection.

‘Was unsure if to do this Modern rarity on 45 due to there being no master tapes and the original pressing is really rough with loads of sibilance, but having had so many requests to put this out I thought f*** it, the end result came out better than the OG but nonetheless I’ll get crucified by the discogs police but I’ll take it and the rest of us can have this Modern banger in our box without having to sell your car.’ - AOTN


Millie says: So. Much. Funk. This 7" is practically gold dust with being so rare for so long. Both sides are on fire with soulful funky vibes all round. Deserves a space in every record collection, make room for this one.


1. Defected
2. You Are The One

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