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Star Creature

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New Star Creature, new signing! First ever release from FUTVRST who drops a double header of fresh boogie flavours for the treasured stable. Two very different beasts, "Lustre" is a fluttery, dreamy, mid Summer gem. Nice Linn drum usage, pitch bent leads and a rugged bass all contributing to this galvanized spectacular!

"Sun Phase" is a slow crawler, slack as you like and flicking the 100BPM mark. It's all about the live bassline on this beaut, combined with some rather special keyboard patches and pad washes which create a big swaying, after party friendly boogie bomb for all to enjoy!

I know I said this after the last couple of 7" from the label - but this is some of their best stuff for a while, and certainly essential for anyone with but a passing penchant for the boogie...


Matt says: Another week another Star Creature as the prolific label keep compulsive collectors busy clicking. Thankfully the content is always top drawer, and here are two tracks your boogie bin simply can't do without! Essential - no wonder they've give it a special sleeve!


Side 1
1. Lustre (4:10)
Side 2
1. Sun Phase (3:13)

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