Tapes Meets Nikolaienko

Sunda School

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Porridge Bullet

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Tapes & Nikolaienko get comfortable behind an organ. Four highly personal vignettes that take on dub's abstract sentiment and design and apply them to more freeform, experimental song structures.

Take “Rushing To Emergency” with ear-catching reggae lick, dancing with dub whilst line dancing in the daisy meadows, An unconventional mix of bucolic influences and 8 bit production which'll welcome any morning sunshine.

"Countryside Emergency" continues the rural outlook, with its loosely galloping rhythm-loop & alarming arpeggiated keys; manically toying with the tape machine to create a sped-up and stuttered sonic collage determined to unravel your inner most anxieties.

“Time With Burnt” sees deconstructed synth fractals ricochet and echo off into oblivion, as though smashed by a holographic hammer in a gravity free zone, the ripples and cascades of these 5D audio objects likely to resonate for an eternity.

Dub informed free flowing goods, as you'd expect from sonic explorer Jackson Bailey & the boss of beautiful Muscut label Dmytro Nikolaienko. Mastered by The Bastard.


Matt says: I bloody love Tapes. Can always be relied upon to twist your melon right inside, out and back again; usually with just enough time to blow a truck of ganja smoke up yer arse in the process. Delightful.


Rush To Closing Gates
Countryside Emergency
Time With Burnt
Jaaksoni Tamm

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