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12 Compost Disco Years

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For the 12 years Compost Disco we providing a massive package of 15 exclusive, previously unreleased tracks. A brilliant cocktail of disco-ish tunes by Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca, AN-2, Mark E, Ed Lee, Manuel Tur, Chocolate Garage Production, Velmondo, Ron Deacon and some other suspect alter egos. Destined for the sunset crew, for the hip shaking, for the gym, for those, who are open minded with disco anyways, for more parties, last but not least for salvation.
The variety range across the floor from boogie, italo, new wave, classic soulful, balearic, neo-disco, housey, downbeat, fusion, garage, to tech-disco. Tasty, hypnotizing and emotional.

A big shout-out, respect and thanks goes to Benjamin Röder, who does all the fantastic artwork for the 25 Compost Disco releases. Well, more to come soon.


1. Chocolate Garage Productions - Rock
2. Ed Lee - You Are The Star (Extended Dub) [feat. Allison David]
3. AN-2 - Sunburnt
4. Ed Lee - I Am Someone (Moodorama Mix) [feat. Allison David]
5. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - The Compass Point
6. Ron Deacon - Killersong
7. Manuel Tur - S6 Hansaring
8. Mark E - I'm Your Eversion
9. Sharp 9 - Sped Up
10. Chocolate Garage Productions - Disco (Ah Ha)
11. Velmondo & Priorat - Out Of Here (feat. Jonny Spencer)
12. Kovi - The Beginning Of A New End
13. Imperial Porcelain - Tulip Moon
14. Chocolate Garage Productions - I Like It
15. Grosso Modo - New York Biscuit (Guitar Version)

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