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Strangers Hands

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Form an orderly queue! It's Sworn Virgins on Deewee! The front cover might have Martin in a hot flush but it's the barnstormin, oddball hay disco of the "The Male Man" that's really twisting our melons! Bucking hard in your finest Levi's, cowboy hat not included on this ode to postal delivery persons across the globe! 

Three more tracks of wierdo-wave disco accompany the lead track.     Then there's "Searchin For Hiro" which is like Baxter Dury on meth; concluded with the electroid hynagogia of final track, "RWA" which again, has Baxter Dury inflections set to sequences of strung out old drum boxes and broken keyboards.

The vinyl is housed in a UV Gloss Sleeve with a heavyweight printed inner. Limited edition. 


Matt says: Barndancing eccentricity from the quirky darlings of oddball disco - Sworn Virgins. Kicks like a mule and possesses one of the funniest lyrics we've heard for a while. Don't sleep!


A1. The Male Man
A2. Slide Little Monster
B1. Searchin For Hiro

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