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Star Creature

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Third Star Creature outing this week and it's Piccadilly favourites A Vision Of Panorama who drop a killer slab of sky-gazing cosmic-boogie.

Not abandoning their Balearic roots entirely, "Purple" drifts in on the tidal flow, a sparse, relaxed arrangement supporting a soulful female vocal part that's both elegant and sensual. A fruitful dub is provided if you just want to bask in that dazzling and soothing instrumental work without being distracted by the vocal part. It really gives the arrangement a depth and spaciousness that'll fall pleasantly onto the ears of all who hear it. 

Top drawer stuff as always from the market leaders of new boogie and modern funk! 


Matt says: One outta the latest salvo of Star Creature rockets to land in store. Ditching their Balearic leanings for summat more crunchy, A Vision Of Panorama contribute a classic slice of modern funk to the hallowed label.


Side 1
1. Purple (3:37)
Side 2
1. Purple (dub Mix) (4:12)

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