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Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine - 2022 Reissue

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Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine is a collection of songs by Cosmic Rough Riders featuring tracks from their first two self-financed albums as well as three new tracks. The album was put together by Alan McGee's label as a starting point for mainstream listeners . The album spawned four singles including the Top 40 hits "Revolution (In The Summertime)" and "The Pain Inside". Most of the tracks on the album were recorded in a community funded recording studio in Castlemilk housing scheme and released on two self-financed albums; Deliverance (1999) and Panorama (2000). On hearing Panorama, Alan McGee signed the band to a one-album deal. The album would take the best of the first two albums as well as some new tracks. Now 21 years later Past Night From Glasgow will take the original masters, add a bonus track "I Call Her Name"


Brothers Gather Round
The Gun Isnt Loaded
Glastonbury Revisited
Baby Youre So Free
Value Of Life
Revolution In The Summertime
Have You Heard The News Today
The Rain Inside
The Charm
The Loser
You've Got Me
Emily Darling
Morning Sun

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