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South Of North

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Sung in the language of the in-between-worlds, diasporic human snacks are vibrating their sonic manipulations in tribute to the lonely & oblivious Mr. Naster. Pulses interpreted and expressed by Nushin Naini on fried farsi-like vocals & bass. Nicolini on drums, sax and miscellaneous objects.

Recommended if you like: Food Of The Gods, Map of Africa, Indifferent Dance Center, Strangers In Love, M-O-F, Justine And The Victorian Punks... Not ring any bells? Don't beat yourself up about it - you've just discovered your favourite new sound. Ethno-punk-no-wave-disco... Get in the sound! 


Matt says: I was playing this ethno-punk curio in YES t'other week and one Andy Votel quickly scurried over and enquired as to its ID. Hate to name drop but it's surely worth a mention when you out-dig the digger's digger - with a brand new record! :P 1-0....


Side 1
Side 2
1.Human Snax
2.Tambal (Melloo Mix)

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