The William Loveday Intention

The Baptiser

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Brand new studio album by The William Loveday Intention! As part of an incredibly productive year by one of the world's most productive and cherished artists, Billy Childish releases a new LP by The William Loveday Intention as part of his attempt at “a career in a year”. “The Baptiser is titled after John The Baptiser, Christ's teacher who proclaimed that you don't need to make blood sacrifices in the temple of Jerusalem to have communion with God – it's direct one to one in the desert, wearing a camel hair shirt and eating the fruits of the honey locust tree. The LP has many spiritual highs and blaming lows. It should move and sound like the contents of a thinking mind.” 


1/The Baptiser
2/A Library To You And The Self
3/A Painted Pantomime Dame
4/Mister Smith
5/Poems Of Anxiety And Uncertainty
6/I'm Good Enough
7/Knockin' Of Heaven's Door
8/A Framed T-Shirt Remnant
9/Poems Of Anxiety And Uncertainty (Blues)
10/The Baptiser (Reprise)

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