Speed Of Life

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Freaky R&B indebted pop from Monteal’s Laroie. Produced by Gene Tellem with Gabriel Rei and Robert Robert. 150 copies only.

Seductive sadness. Powerful vulnerability. Precise yet irresistible vocals. A few words to describe Laroie as she steps forward in full possession of her means, following up on her debut and namesake EP released in August 2020, and on the recent singles "Can't Let Go" and "One More". Here she is with “Speed of Life”, an extended play destined to be absorbed and listened to in one sitting. Funny how it sounds both familiar - you feel like you’ve known these songs your whole life - and brand new, all at once. In this nostalgic and emotional territory, standing at the borders of her influences, Laroie's talent shines through.

Skilfully navigating the electro-pop sonic palette, the artist crafts a comfortable, soothing canvas where dance, soul, and R&B from the late 90s and early 2000 also hop into the mix. From the bewitching slow garage "Elevate" to the cathartic and luminous "Can't Let Go", and through the trip-hop infused "One More", the very danceable "A Place on Earth", "Moonlight", reminiscent of the best of TLC, Brandy and Monica, and the title track’s addictive vocal melody, “Speed of Life”, just like a silky everyday soundtrack, is enjoyable on repeat.


Matt says: Landing somewhere between street soul, electro-pop and modern R&B, Laroie burst outta nowhere with a fresh sound that's bound to please! Killer vocals from this under-the-radar songstress. Big TIP.


A1. Elevate
A2. One More
A3. Speed Of Life
B1. Moonlight
B2. A Place On Earth
B3. Can’t Let Go

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