Crazy P

If Life Could Be This Way

Image of Crazy P - If Life Could Be This Way
Record Label
Walk Don't Walk Limited

About this item

"During lockdown we delved deep into the Crazy P vaults to see what might be lurking in there. Plenty of buried treasure to be found, but these 2 little beauties grabbed our attention and seemed to fit well together. The lead track, If Life Could Be This Way, was a jam we had between the 3 of us, the vocal's a bit of a one take wonder from Dani, and we didn't touch it! It featured in our set and was the title of our last tour Nov 2021".


Matt says: Most Mancs with an ear to the streams will be aware of this highly adorable record dropping this week. Already championed by James Holroyd, Ron Basejam and Neil Diablo - one of the most poignant, heart-fluttering, down-right-beautiful songs this shining gemstone of a band have ever created.


A: If Life Could Be This Way
B: How Could I Know?

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