Beard In Dust

Senor Paraiso

Image of Beard In Dust - Senor Paraiso
Record Label
Crudo Ricordi

About this item

Initially slated for release in 2019, in the innocent days before the pandemic, the debut release from new label Crudo Ricordi is finally ready for the streets. Three formidable edits from Beard In Dust (AKA Lipelis), all aimed at peaktime dancefloor action.

The title track “Señor Paraíso” might sound familiar to some hardcore Italo fans, but this pumped up and extended version hits much harder in the club. The two B-side tracks “Kirkorovmoroder” and “Coconut Paradise” could be recognized by only the most seasoned of USSR synth-pop connoisseurs, both tracks featuring totally addictive and ecstatic melodies.

Edited with taste and restraint in the typical Beard In Dust style, these high quality edits should not be missed.


1 Señor Paraíso
2 Kirkorovmoroder
3 Coconut Paradise

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