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100 Limousines

About this item

For it’s second offering, Detroit oddity 100 Limousines presents a monstrous 9 track debut from enigmatic recording entity, K-6000. From the first to last thud, "Bloodsport" is a sample soaked miasma of sonic mutations that moves the listener from head shaking bewilderment to head nods of agreement at a moment’s notice. Not much is known about K-6000. Based on this initial offering it is evident that the orbit of this group is broad.

Fierce, uncompromsing and adventerous - it nestles nicely into the Detroit music cannon whilst quietly ushering a whole new era of Motor City music (see also: Todd Modes and Kemetrix). Who said gentrification was a bad thing?! Will appeal to lovers of Dickie Goodman, Tricky, Patty Waters and Designer Drugs.


A1: There Is No Love Lost
A2: Get It How You Live
A3: Interior Equinox
A4: Yah Is Again Genesis
B1: Kundalini Set
B2: Rogue Wave Generator
B3: Veiled Threats
B4: She Gone
B5: Where We Are From

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