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Patched In: Sounds Of The Stroud Underground

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Sound Records

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Whether folk, rock, jazz, electronica or hip hop, Stroud's musical innovators are united by a love of improvisation, experimentation and collaboration. This record is the first attempt to capture the key sounds of the scene and features acts as diverse as the haunting electronica of Orbury Common, the post-punk jazz of Mermaid Chunky, the etherial cello of Simon McCorry and glitchy hip-hop of Fidel Cutstro. The record also features a track from Blancmange legend Neil Arthur in his Near Future guise as well as the first ever recorded track by Wooolheads, a collaboration between Sound Records' own Sean Roe and artist Uta Baldauf. Other acts involved are Mahon Sounds, Little Metropolis, Unicorn Ship Explosion and Phonsonic.

The record is limited to just 500 copies and is likely to become a collectors item given the interest in the project. Artwork is by locally respected artist Adam Hinks (Good on Paper) and insert sleeve notes are written by music journalist Rupert Howe


Side 1
1/ Orbury Common - Ectos Chasm
2/ Unicorn Ship Explosion - Noisy Flag Kid Guitar
3/ Simon McCorry - Pieces Of Mind
4/ Phonsonic - 4th Of June
5/ Near Future - Ideal Home
Side 2
1/ Fidel Cutstro - Coyote
2/ Mahon Sounds - Ron
3/ Mermaid Chunky ( Feat Rorshack/JSSO ) - Slabs
4/ Wooolheads - Invisible Systems
5/ Little Metropolis - Ghosts

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