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After meeting on Mr Oizo ’s "All Wet" album, Mr Oizo and his Italian mate Phra went back to studio.

6 years after, this time as an unexpected duet, they wrote and composed together a 9 song "Italian Hip Hop" mini album, also reminding the spirit of mixtapes such as done by Madlib.

Mr Oizo aka Quentin Dupieux, one of the most exciting French music producer & move director, offers a new musical direction. Mainly mid-term, different from some classic powerful French Touch 2.0.


Barry says: Musical polymath, film director and general polymath Quentin Dupieux returns for his latest LP as Mr Oizo, and this time sees the all-rounder pull out a brilliant selection of crunchy percussion and smooth vocals into an old-school MPC-themed hip-hop marathon. Entirely off-piste but really well done as ever. More essential Oizo.

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