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Downtownsounds Classics Volume 5

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Fatty Fatty Phonographics

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For their 5th volume of the Downtownsounds Classics series, Fatty Fatty Phonographics are proud to present these gems from the West End Records catalogue, the famed underground disco label that gave us so many of our dancefloor staples.

"Tell You Today" is probably the Downtownsounds anthem, a sweet song of yearning, regret and innocent joy married to Arthur Russell's wonky, wobbly percussive genius, with a perfect pop climax that has led to many moments of collective disco joy on the DTS dancefloor. The lad didn't to do much on this edit beyond adding some elements from Arthur's B-side dub, so the joy goes on for just that little bit longer.

On the flip is 'When The Shit Hits The Fan', a no-nonsense, hit-the-floor and forget your troubles disco-rap stompout from 1980. A favourite with the likes of Theo Parrish and Dave Lee, this one always get the sneaky shebeen vibes a going...Check those lyrics!


Loose Joints - Tell You Today (Pablo Take Your Drums To Outer Space Edit) 
Master Boogies Song & Dance - When The Shit Hits The Fan (Pablo & Shoey Rejig) 

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