Fantasy Point

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Star Creature

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New Star Creature LP and it's Ourra at the controls for a double disc excursion of high grade boogie and modern funk. Ouura is Simon Tappenden, located in West Bay down in Dorsit (not far from fellow boogie don Sven Atterton) and his tracks have been gathering serious momentum, getting plays on 6 Music and a variety of taste-making podcasts.

Smothered in thick, effervescent synthlines and powered with those piston boogie drum hits synonymous with Star Creatures' sound, this is real deal, hardware driven, electronic soul music. There's a guest appearance by saxophonist Gary Barnacle. Moods and tempos vary, from Sunday afternoon downbeat jams to Italo-flavoured smoke machine tweakers; all executed with a sincere authenticity and inspired flair.

As usual, more unmissable modern jams from the unbeatable Star Creature camp, market leaders at this shit since 2015! 


Matt says: Star Creature's roster never disappoint. and for collectors of modern funk and bedroom boogie they're pretty much no. 1 market leaders. New LP from recent signing Ourra and it's a sparkly, technicolour jaunt into to the boogiedrome via some Balearic and Italo flavoured routes on the way. All aboard!


Side 1
1. The Climb
2. Star Control
3. Red Wave
Side 2
1. Take Me Home
2. Night Glider
3. Breaker Boogie
Side 3
1. Rekab's Azy
2. Musk At Dusk
3. Capri Memory
Side 4
1. Ghost Reflex
2. Sea Green Eyes
3. Game Over

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