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All Night Brotherhood EP

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New Art Of Tones EP which simultaneously launches his own label Palp. 

"Brotherhood" kicks us off, a slow organic house bubbler which recalls KDJ, GAMM and MCDE in equeal measure. With a chunky, detailed production incorporating jazzy florishes alongside the driving MPC house beats this is exactly the kinda track that'll warm the club up to a gentle broil before maximum steam later in the session.

Talking of maximum steam, "All Night" should provide that much needed release of work week pressure come Saturday night. A maxed out disco-house cut up, compressed nice and heavy and beefed up with hefty bass while looping gospel vox career overhead - watch out Horse Meat Disco / Glitterbox heads! ScruScru is also on hand to remix said track - nurturing that Saturday night flavour into a squelchy cut-up house track that'd sound great a the old Electric Chair parties here in Manchester.
A nice introduction to this new series from AOT with DJ support right across the board - peep dis! 


Side 1
1. Brotherhood 
Side 2
1. All Night 
2. All Night (Scruscru Remix) 

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