The Aging Process

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Long Island Electrical Systems

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Hard-edged sound design and brutalist soundscapes are what characterize this new one on LIES. ADMX-71 - the industrial side project of Adam X - contributing a fierce and uncompromising collection of tracks of the Ron Morelli's cult label.

With a career that dates right back to 1990, you'd expect ADMX, real name Adam Mitchell, to know his way around the noise boxes. Exemplified brilliantly here is a real control of aggression - these tracks kick like a mule but the focus and intricacies are rich and rife. Tech heads are gonna be in awe of some of the sounds and textures conjured up, but jaws will drop further when witnessing the level of manipulation and control the producer inflicts onto the elements.

Demonstrating poise when needed, destructive tendencies are nurtured throughout "The Aging Process" which shifts tectonically through a variety of dystopian moods and cataclysmic flavours. Nothing is left disregarded though, every movement, every sounds is there to do a purpose. Like a highly efficient demolition team who only bring the right tools for the job.

It's a quintessentially brilliant addition to the LIES catalogue and another highly credible project from this long serving US veteran. 


Side 1
1. Speaking Via Telepathy (4:47)
2. Sensor-Tised (5:57)
3. Walking Through Walls (5:39)
Side 2
1. They've Instilled Fear In Us (6:15)
2. Catch Me If You Can (5:14)
Side 3
1. Atlantis Rising (5:23)
2. Leading The Way (6:10)
Side 4
1. Dormant DNA Activation (6:39)
2. The Code Decipher (6:26)

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