Love Or (I Heard You Like Heartbreak)

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Rhythm Section

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Rhythm Section enlist Prequel for a fully fledged long player, showcasing the Australian producer's multicoloured soulful house and jazzy downbeat blends perfectly.  

The lead track, “Love Is” is a joint effort with long term collaborator Cazeaux O.S.L.O. It’s a meditation on love, in all its complexities. This exploration is dissected across this deeply personal concept album – a 50-minute journey through the highs and lows of love and loss. Across 12 tracks we’re taken on a journey which seamlessly incorporates soul, jazz, hip-hop & Brazilian influences – all drenched in a deep longing which traces its roots back to the masters of deep, melancholic house music.

Born into a musical family and brought up on a blend of jazz and hip-hop, Prequel supplements his sample-based style with a number of luminaries of the Australian music scene in the form of guests Horatio Luna on bass, Josh Kelly on sax, Cazeaux O.S.L.O on vocals, Javier Fredes on percussion and Tamil Rogeon on violin and viola.

Deeply influenced by his love of film, the album is accompanied by a series of music videos edited by Prequel that whilst creating companion pieces to each single, also looks to further expand the meditation of what we talk about when we talk about love.


A1. I Need Your Love (Intro)
A2. When Love Is New
A3. Violeiro
B1. I’ll Never Stop Loving You
B2. All I'm Missing Is You
B3. Love Is Love (Interlude)
C1. I'm In Love With You (Interlude)
C2. I Tried To Tell Him
C3. Unaware Of Love
D1. And That's The Story Of Their Love
D2. Love Is (Extended Version) Feat. Cazeauz O.S.L.O.
D3. I Don't Know When I'm Going
D4. To See You Again (Outro)

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