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New album from AV artist and synthesizer obsessive Max Cooper entitled "Unspoken Words". Lead single "Everything" is an excitable expression of freedom and joy, an explosion of colour referencing classic synth sounds from Max Cooper’s formative years and the golden era of idealism in music and popular culture of the '80 and '90s.

'I love feeling that anything is possible. It feels like I’m bursting and need to find some expression. The synths seemed to carry the hope of everything I could imagine, condensed into the simple chord progression, improvised pads and layers of distortion. It was a lot of fun to work with, and spending time in that creative mindset generated lots of ideas which could be shot down later under less manic conditions.'

Cooper developed the visual story for "Everything" with long term collaborator Nick Cobby and photographer Andrey Prokhorov, who has a huge library of imagery from around the world. The raw expression of Cooper’s own mental state illuminates the universal experience of being human. "Unspoken Words" offers common ground, a unifying space for anyone who faces internal discordance and feels the need for greater connection and greater expression.


Matt says: Decorated with rich, emotive, full-bodied synthwork; these expansive soundscapes are both immersive and transportive and offer almost an evermore grandiose alternative to acts like Fort Romeo, Daniel Avery and Leon Vynhall. Big room electronica that kicks like a mule!


A1. Unspoken Words
A2. Inanimate To Animate Feat. Kotomi
A3. A Model Of Reality Feat. Kotomi
B1. Ascent
B2. Spectrum
B3. Symphony In Acid
C1. Pulse At The Centre Of Being
C2. Exotic Contents
C3. Broken Machines Broken Dreams
D1. Small Window On The Cosmos
D2. Everything
D3. Solace In Structure
D4. Stream Of Thought

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