Valentin Huedo

The Mountain

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Record Label
All Day I Dream

About this item

With sporadic releases previously across Music For Dreams, Cr2, Chronovision and a few others, Valentin Huedo keeps things fresh with a tasty debut on All Day I Dream. A glittering and shimmering EP of rich deep-tech-house with a Balearic, coastal colour chart which lands somewhere between Henrik Schwarz, The Field & Telephones with the poppy stylings of Hot Chip thrown in for good measure.

Dreamy, driving, elevating tapestries rich in detail, glossed with a hi-def patina and following empowering, rising chord sequences into bursts of techicoloured ephemeral beauty. Ace.


Side 1
1. Tonight(feat Bird)
2. Salines Sunrise
Side 2
1.Valentin Huedo & Igor Marijuan - "Neo

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