Iriz / Mast

Image of Fontän - Iriz / Mast
Record Label
Höga Nord Rekords

About this item

'This recording is dedicated to nomads, space travelers & free spirits that visit Earth for a brief time to make a mark here on their way to other worlds. They leave traces on tram wagons, walls and in our minds in our cities before moving on into the unknown. Especially one.'

A slow build up to a stoned and baggy downbeat is how “Iris” develops. Big bass plumes locking our gaze onto sweeping atmospheres as an end-of-night warmth emanates of this piece of cerebral after party music.

The dreamy music box intro of “Mast” falls into a deep half beat where warm E-bow guitars and sweeping synthesizers carry the music higher and higher away from the ground for another mind's-eye focussed trip that expertly guides us from acid house fallout to neo-spiritual shamanism.

Continuing to craft their own distinctly unique identity Höga Nord keep to the suspended and crystaline nature of Winter on this sincere release from Fontän - recommended!


A. Iriz
B. Mast

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