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Mind Warp

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Mind Warp

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Seminal early 80's HI-NRG / synth disco emanating from the gay clubs, bath houses and discotheques of San Francisco. A truly original and groundbreaking sound and style helmed by studio genius Patrick Cowley. Heavily informed by sonically charged science fiction fantasy and the darkest corners of nightlife, 'Mind Warp' is a cornerstone of electronic music that still astonishes today. Originally released on Cowley's own Megatone imprint in 1982 the album marks a definitive change in direction of post-disco dance music, undoubtedly inspired by European artists such as Kraftwerk, Moroder, Yello and more. A huge influence on what was to come through in later years via house and techno music, 'Mind Warp' is a bonafide classic and every single self respecting music lover or DJs home should have a copy!


A1. Tech-No-Logical World
A2. Invasion
A3. They Came At Night
B1. Mind Warp
B2. Primitive World
B3. Mutant Man
B4. Going Home

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