Quiet Clapping

The Abbey Of The Black Hag

Image of Quiet Clapping - The Abbey Of The Black Hag
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Woodford Halse

About this item

Irish witches and haunted places have always fascinated me. I wanted to create a project that evoked a strong sense of history, sadness and something that also had a sense of danger within the confines of somewhat static music. Using turntables, dubplates, guitars, organs and a cello, I wanted to make something that sounded both clear and hazy, warm and cold, new and old.

It started with recording each sample individually, and then stitching them together, overdubbing parts and making the composition flow. There is a dichotomy within the sounds but the overarching purpose of these compositions is evoke some sort of feeling or connection to our eldritch history...and perhaps to ward off the Bean Sí.


1. Cailleach 18:50
2. An Gaorthadh 19:46
3. The Ballad Of Bridget Cleary 20:20 Video

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