Requiem & Simon McCorry

Joy; Division

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Woodford Halse

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Requiem & Simon McCorry bring the sort of celestial ambiance and seismic, shifting drone that wouldn't be out of place on a Tim Hecker or Loscil LP, but lightened with a deftly administered stream of modern-classical melody. 

'Ruling ; Class' starts things off perfectly, growing from a wistful cinematic swell, rich with synthy glimmer before slowly twisting into a mournful echoic juxtaposition of hopeful string swells and solemn beleaguered pads.

'Public ; Domain'  gets a little more intense, with the higher frequency content coming to the fore, both intimidatingly full-sounding and all-encompassing. there are few points in it's 9+ minutes of let-up but it's as beautiful and effecting as it is monolithic. 

After the growing intensity of the first couple pieces, it's the perfectly matched duo of NIN-indebted ambience of 'Pain ; Management;' and the lysergic mystery of 'Pink ; Noise' that really set this album apart, providing a perfect avant-classical context to the seismic shifts that come before, finishing on the elegiac beauty of 'Subtractive ; Synthasis', beautifully bookending the experience with a deftly accomplished, oddly comforting closer. 

Joy ; Division is an enduringly wonderful listen, and a stunningly accomplished work of neo-classical drone. 


1. Ruling; Class 11:05
2. Public; Domain 09:19 Video
3. Pain; Management 07:37
4. Pink; Noise 07:06
5. Subtractive; Synthasis 11:03

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