The Dynamic Unconscious

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Karl O'Connor (Regis) and Simon Shreeve (Monic / Osirus Music / Downwards) team up again for a menacing four song EP of broken beat electronics. The perfect amalgamation of O'Connor's and Shreeve's solo works merged. Heavy, tectonic, dubbed out n dark: Birmingham electronics. Distinct, singular and subtly soul crushing music from masters of an uncategorizable genre. Comes in a full picture jacket. Limited!


Matt says: Never mind the fact that Karl O'Connor & Simon Shreeve make the most scarily destructive post-techno you're likely to hear. The sheer dark matter mercurial weight of the 12" pressing should ring alarm bells - proceed with caution folks. Capable of decimating cities!


Side 1
1. Reason Doesn't Sleep
2. Dream Logic
Side 2
1. No Love From Above
2. The Shape Of Winter

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